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Crushes & Handling

Crushes & Handling

Efficiency and Safety Redefined: Crushes & Handling Solutions by Clonroche Agri-Build

Crushes & Handling

At Clonroche Agri-Build, we take pride in our ability to design Crushes & Handling Systems that go beyond mere functionality. Our commitment is to create solutions that not only reduce stress for both operators and animals but also cater to the unique requirements of each farmer.

With a focus on safety, ease of use, and practical animal flow, our systems are crafted to elevate your handling processes to new heights.

For high-quality crushes & handling equipment, contact Clonroche Agri-Build

Crush Races & Handling Systems

Our Crush Races & Handling Systems are engineered to provide a seamless and stress-free experience for both farmers and livestock.

Recognizing that every farm is unique, our systems are not bound by a 'one size fits all' approach. Instead, we offer customized solutions that ensure optimal efficiency, safety, and ease of use.

Portable Crushes

Flexibility is key in modern farming, and our Portable Crushes are designed with that in mind.


Whether you need to handle livestock in different areas of your farm or take your crush on the go, our portable solutions offer the convenience and functionality you need without compromising on safety and efficiency.

Crush Head Gates

The heart of any handling system, our Crush Head Gates are meticulously designed for precision and reliability.

Ensuring a secure hold on animals during processing, these head gates contribute to the overall safety and efficiency of your handling operations.

Crush Items

Our Crush Items are thoughtfully curated to complement our handling systems.

From sturdy panels to strategically placed access points, each item is designed with the principles of safety, ease of use, and practical animal flow in mind. Enhance the functionality of your crush with our range of purpose-built items.

Weighing Scales

Accurate weight measurements are essential for effective herd management. Our Weighing Scales are integrated seamlessly into our handling systems, providing precise data for informed decision-making.

Monitor the health and growth of your livestock with confidence, thanks to our reliable weighing solutions.


For queries about any of the above crushes & handling products, contact Clonroche Agri-Build

Crushes & Handling FAQ

Where can I find crushes & handling solutions near me?

Clonroche Agri-Build provides crushes and handling solutions to customers throughout Ireland

What kind of crushes & handling products are available?

Our crushes and handling products include sheep crushes, cattle crushes, weighing scales and more.

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