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Gateway to Efficiency: Explore Clonroche Agri-Build's Range of Premium Gates


Welcome to Clonroche Agri-Build, where our commitment to excellence extends beyond the fields and into the very gates that define your agricultural space.

Our comprehensive selection of gates is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern farming, providing both functionality and durability.

For a comprehensive range of farm gates, contact Clonroche Agri-Build

4-Bar Dividing Gates

Efficiently manage your livestock with our sturdy and reliable 4 Bar Dividing Gates. These gates are crafted with precision, striking the perfect balance between strength and accessibility.

Whether creating separate pens or managing animal flow, our 4 Bar Dividing Gates are a versatile solution for your farm.

5-Bar Dividing Gates

For added security and control, our 5 Bar Dividing Gates are the ideal choice. These gates provide an extra level of containment, ensuring the safety of both animals and handlers.

Designed for durability, our 5 Bar Dividing Gates are built to withstand the demands of daily farm life.

Calving Gates

Create a safe and comfortable environment for calving with our specialized Calving Gates.

These gates are designed with the unique needs of calving areas in mind, providing easy access for monitoring and intervention while maintaining a secure space for both the cow and calf.

Cubicle Housing Gates

Optimize the layout of your cubicle housing with our purpose-built Cubicle Housing Gates.

These gates are crafted to seamlessly integrate into your barn or housing structure, providing efficient access and ensuring the smooth flow of both animals and caretakers.

Field Gates

Secure your fields with our durable and reliable Field Gates.

Whether for livestock containment or field access, our Field Gates are designed to withstand the elements while providing a secure barrier for your animals.

Posts & Gate Fittings

The strength of a gate is only as good as its support. Our range of Posts & Gate Fittings ensures that your gates are securely anchored and perfectly aligned.

From heavy-duty posts to precision fittings, we provide the essential components to enhance the longevity and functionality of your gates.

For questions about any of the above gate products, contact Clonroche Agri-Build

Gates FAQ

Where can I find field gates near me?

Clonroche Agri-Build provides field gates to customers throughout Ireland

What kind of gate products are available?

Our products include field gates, gate posts, 4 & 5 bar dividing gates and more.

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