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Discover superior comfort with Clonroche Agri-Build’s Cow Cubicles


At Clonroche Agri-Build, we take pride in offering a diverse range of cow cubicles that cater to the varying needs of modern dairy farming.

From youngstock cubicles to cutting-edge plastic cubicles, we are dedicated to providing top-quality solutions that prioritize both the well-being of your cows and the efficiency of your operations.

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Plastic Cubicles

Introducing our latest innovation in cow comfort – the Plastic Cubicles. Launched in 2021, these cubicles redefine flexibility, structural soundness, and safety.

Our plastic cow cubicles have quickly become a favourite among farmers, garnering popularity not only in Ireland but also across Europe and the United Kingdom. The success of these cubicles is a testament to our commitment to staying at the forefront of agricultural technology.

Steel Cubicles

For over 30 years, our standard steel cow cubicles have stood the test of time. Known for their durability and reliability, these cubicles have been a cornerstone of countless dairy farms.
We understand the importance of tradition and have continued to supply steel cubicles that meet the highest industry standards.

Cubicle Items

In addition to our diverse range of cubicles, we provide a selection of cubicle items to enhance the functionality of your cow housing.

From comfortable bedding options to accessories that promote cleanliness and hygiene, we have everything you need to create a comfortable and efficient environment for your herd.

Drinkers for Cubicle Houses

Ensuring that your cows have easy access to clean water is crucial for their well-being.

Our range of drinkers for cubicle houses is designed to provide a reliable and constant water supply. Easy to install and maintain, these drinkers contribute to the overall health and productivity of your herd.

Cubicle & Pipe Fitting

At Clonroche Agri-Build, we understand that the success of your cow housing depends on precise and reliable fittings.

Our cubicle and pipe fitting solutions are designed for ease of installation and long-lasting performance. Trust in our expertise to provide fittings that ensure the structural integrity and functionality of your cubicles.

Hybrid Flex Cubicles

As the industry embraces a significant push towards enhancing cow comfort, our Hybrid Flex Cubicles have emerged as leaders in the field.

Manufactured with pride in Ireland, these cubicles represent the culmination of our dedication to innovation and excellence.

For more information on any of our cow cubicle products, contact Clonroche Agri-Build

Cubicles FAQ

Where can I find cow cubicles near me?

Clonroche Agri-Build provides cow cubicles to customers throughout Ireland

What cow cubicle products are available?

Our cow cubicle products include plastic cow cubicles, steel cow cubicles and more.

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