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Clonroche Agri-Build

Mats & Mattresses

Elevate Cow Comfort with Kraiburg Mats & Mattresses from Clonroche Agri-Build

Mats & Mattresses

At Clonroche Agri-Build, we prioritize the well-being and comfort of your livestock, and our partnership with Kraiburg reflects this commitment.

With Kraiburg, a world leader in rubber product development since 1947, we bring you a comprehensive range of cow cubicle mats, mattresses, slat rubber mats, and walkway rubber mats that set the standard for quality and durability.

For trustworthy mat and mattress suppliers for livestock, contact Clonroche Agri-Build

Cow Cubicle Mats & Mattresses

Our selection of cow cubicle mats and mattresses is designed to provide optimal comfort for dairy cattle, young cattle, and fattening bulls.

Kraiburg's dedication to achieving the perfect balance between animal-friendly softness and durability ensures that your cows have the ideal resting surface. Experience the difference in your herd's well-being with our high-quality cow cubicle mats and mattresses.

Slat Rubber Mats

Slat rubber mats play a crucial role in providing a comfortable and non-slip surface for your livestock.

Kraiburg's slat rubber mats are engineered to withstand the demands of daily use while offering the softness required for your animals' comfort. Enhance the flooring of your barn with these durable mats that prioritize both safety and longevity.

Walkway Rubber Mats

Create safe and secure walkways for both livestock and handlers with our walkway rubber mats. Kraiburg's expertise in rubber product development ensures that our walkway mats are not only durable but also contribute to a clean and comfortable environment.

These mats are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic while providing a cushioned surface for your animals.

For queries about any of the mats and mattress products above, contact Clonroche Agri-Build

Our Partnership with Kraiburg

Kraiburg's reputation for quality and innovation is unmatched, making them the perfect partner for Clonroche Agri-Build. With a focus on manufacturing in Germany and adhering to the highest standards for over 50 years, Kraiburg's commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide top-tier agricultural solutions.

When you choose our mats and mattresses, you are choosing a product that represents the culmination of decades of expertise and dedication to quality.

Mats & Mattresses FAQ

Where can I find cow mattresses near me?

Clonroche Agri-Build provides cow mattresses to customers throughout Ireland

What mats & mattresses are available?

We provide cow mats and mattresses, walkway rubber mats and more.

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