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Sheep & Calf

Sheep & Calf

Nurturing the Future: Clonroche Agri-Build's Sheep & Calf Solutions

Sheep & Calf

At Clonroche Agri-Build, we recognize the unique needs of sheep and calf farming, and our dedicated range of Sheep and Calf solutions reflects our commitment to the well-being and efficiency of your livestock.


Sheep Crush Items: Our Sheep Crush Items are designed to facilitate safe and efficient handling of your flock. From sturdy panels to strategically placed access points, each item is crafted with the well-being of your sheep in mind.

Sheep Handling: Efficient sheep handling is essential for successful flock management. Our solutions are tailored to ensure ease of handling, minimizing stress for both the animals and the handler.

Sheep Feeding: Promote optimal nutrition for your flock with our specialized Sheep Feeding solutions. From feeding barriers to tailored feeding areas, we provide the tools you need to enhance the feeding process for your sheep.

For trustworthy suppliers of sheep farming equipment, contact Clonroche Agri-Build


Calf Creep Feeder: Ensure targeted feeding for calves with our Calf Creep Feeder. This solution allows access for calves while restricting larger animals, promoting healthy growth.


Calf Transporter: Safely and efficiently transport your calves with our Calf Transporter. Designed for ease of use and comfort, this solution streamlines the process of moving calves within your farm.


Deluxe Dehorning Box: Our Deluxe Dehorning Box provides a secure and controlled environment for dehorning procedures. Prioritize the safety and well-being of your calves during this essential process.


Standard Dehorning Box: For efficient and humane dehorning, our Standard Dehorning Box offers a practical solution. Create a controlled space for dehorning procedures with ease.


Calf Starter Box: Promote healthy weaning and transitioning with our Calf Starter Box. This dedicated space ensures that calves receive the nutrition they need during this crucial stage of development.


Individual Calf Pen: Provide a secure and comfortable space for individual calves with our Individual Calf Pen. This solution allows for personalized care and monitoring.


Suckler Calving Gate: Optimize the calving process with our Suckler Calving Gate. This purpose-built gate provides support and convenience during calving, ensuring the safety of both the cow and the calf.


3 In 1 Calving Gate: Combine versatility and efficiency with our 3 In 1 Calving Gate. This gate serves multiple purposes, from calving support to easy access for veterinary procedures.


Calving Support Gate: Ensure a safe and controlled environment during calving with our Calving Support Gate. This gate provides support for the calving process, reducing stress for both the cow and the handler.


Calf Feed Barrier: Promote efficient feeding for your calves with our Calf Feed Barrier. This barrier ensures controlled access to feed, contributing to the overall well-being of your young livestock.


Calf Dividing Gates: Facilitate organized grouping and management of your calves with our Calf Dividing Gates. These gates are designed to provide flexibility in your calf housing.


Young Stock Cubicles: Create a comfortable and secure space for young stock with our Young Stock Cubicles. These cubicles prioritize the well-being of your calves during their early stages of development.


Calf Feeder Box: Ensure controlled and efficient feeding for calves with our Calf Feeder Box. This purpose-built solution allows for easy access and management of feed.


Calf Ad-Lib Feeder: Promote continuous access to feed for your calves with our Calf Ad-Lib Feeder. This feeder ensures that nutrition is readily available for optimal growth.


30ft Mobile Calf Trough: Maximize feeding efficiency with our 30ft Mobile Calf Trough. This mobile solution ensures even distribution of feed across your calf area.


Calf Trough: Provide a dedicated feeding space for calves with our Calf Trough. This trough is designed for easy access and efficient feeding.


Straight Bar Hay Rack: Our Straight Bar Hay Rack offers a practical solution for hay feeding. Keep feed off the ground and easily accessible to your calves.


Mesh Hay Rack: Combine durability with efficient hay feeding using our Mesh Hay Rack. This rack ensures controlled access to hay for your young livestock.

For all the equipment you need to manage calves on your farm, contact Clonroche Agri-Build

Sheep & Calf FAQ

Where can I find cattle drinkers near me?

Clonroche Agri-Build provides sheep drinkers and cattle drinkers to customers throughout Ireland

What calf products are available?

Our products include calf feeders, calf drinkers, calf transporters and more.

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