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Feeding Barriers & Feeders

Feeding Barriers & Feeders

Efficient Feeding Solutions for Every Farm: Clonroche Agri-Build's Feeding Barriers & Feeders

Feeding Barriers & Feeders

Welcome to Clonroche Agri-Build, where innovation meets practicality in our comprehensive range of Feeding Barriers and Feeders.


Our commitment to providing top-notch agricultural solutions is evident in our diverse selection, catering to the unique needs of dairy, beef, sheep, and calf farming.

For reliable suppliers of feeding barriers and feeders, contact Clonroche Agri-Build

Feeding Barriers

MaxFeed Barriers: Maximize feeding efficiency with our MaxFeed Barriers. Designed for durability and easy access, these barriers ensure optimal feed intake for your livestock.

Fixed Diagonal Barriers: Sturdy and reliable, our Fixed Diagonal Barriers provide a secure enclosure for controlled feeding. Ideal for managing the flow of livestock during feeding times.

Timber Gate Barriers: Combine functionality with a natural aesthetic using our Timber Gate Barriers. These barriers seamlessly blend into your farm environment while maintaining a robust structure.

Swinging Diagonal Barriers: Enhance flexibility in your feeding setup with our Swinging Diagonal Barriers. These barriers provide easy access for livestock while maintaining a controlled feeding environment.

Headlock Barriers: Optimize feeding for dairy cattle with our Headlock Barriers. These barriers offer secure head control, ensuring efficient feeding without unnecessary competition.

2 Bar Feed Rails: Simple yet effective, our 2 Bar Feed Rails provide a practical solution for controlled feeding, promoting a smooth and organized feeding process.

Sheep Feed Barriers: Tailored for the needs of sheep farming, our Sheep Feed Barriers offer a secure enclosure for efficient and controlled feeding.

Calf Feed Barriers: Promote healthy growth in calves with our purpose-built Calf Feed Barriers. These barriers ensure safe and accessible feeding for your young livestock.

Weanling Feed Barriers: Transitioning weanlings to a controlled feeding regimen is made easy with our Weanling Feed Barriers. Provide the nutrition they need while maintaining order in your feeding area.

Adjustable Feed Barriers: Customize your feeding setup with our Adjustable Feed Barriers. These versatile barriers allow you to adapt to the changing needs of your livestock.

For queries about any of the above feeding barrier products, contact Clonroche Agri-Build


Mini Feed Trailer: Efficiency meets mobility with our Mini Feed Trailer. Perfect for small-scale feeding, this trailer offers convenience and ease of use.

1.5 Tonne Controlled Feeder: Take control of your feeding program with our 1.5 Tonne Controlled Feeder. Manage feed intake while minimizing waste.

Calf Creep Feeder: Ensure targeted feeding for calves with our Calf Creep Feeder. Designed to allow access for calves
while restricting larger animals.

8ft Single Trough: Our 8ft Single Trough provides a reliable feeding solution with ample space for multiple animals.

8ft Double Trough: Double the feeding efficiency with our 8ft Double Trough. Ideal for larger herds, this trough ensures a steady supply of feed.

1.5T Ad-Lib Feeder: Offer ad-lib feeding to your livestock with our 1.5T Ad-Lib Feeder. Provide continuous access to feed for optimal nutrition.

2.5T Ad-Lib Feeder: For larger herds, our 2.5T Ad-Lib Feeder ensures a constant supply of feed to meet the nutritional needs of your livestock.

Silage Feed Trailer: Efficiently distribute silage with our Silage Feed Trailer. Designed for ease of use, this trailer streamlines the feeding process.

Barrier Troughs: Combine feeding and containment with our Barrier Troughs. These troughs are integrated seamlessly with our feeding barriers for a complete feeding solution.

Calf Feeder Box: Ensure controlled feeding for calves with our Calf Feeder Box. Designed for easy access and efficient feed management.

Calf Ad-Lib Feeder: Promote healthy growth in calves with our Calf Ad-Lib Feeder. Allow continuous access to feed for optimal development.

30ft Mobile Calf Trough: Maximize feeding efficiency with our
30ft Mobile Calf Trough. This mobile solution ensures even distribution of feed across your calf area.

Calf Trough: Provide a dedicated feeding space for calves with our Calf Trough. This trough is designed for easy access and efficient feeding.

Straight Bar Hay Rack: Our Straight Bar Hay Rack offers a practical solution for hay feeding. Keep feed off the ground and easily accessible to your livestock.

Mesh Hay Rack: Combine durability with efficient hay feeding using our Mesh Hay Rack. This rack ensures controlled access to hay for your animals.

For reliable suppliers of feeders for livestock, contact Clonroche Agri-Build

Feeding Barriers & Feeders

Where can I find cow mattresses near me?

Clonroche Agri-Build provides feeding barriers to customers throughout Ireland

What type of feeder products are available?

Our feeder products include sheep feeders, mesh hay racks and more.

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